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Lazy days, I love them when they go the way I want them to. Today was the first day in months that I've been able to sit back and relax for once. It was really nice. I did absolutely nothing for the first half of the day but lay on the couch. It was fantastical, since my back has been killing me for days now. Then I got talking to my boyfriend, and we hung out for a while. I always have an amazing time with him, I cannot lie. Doesn't matter if we sit around and do nothing or we're actually off doing something. Either way I love being around him and I jump at the opportunity to chill out with him. Then we parted ways for a while, then hung out later on today. God I don't even remember how long we hung out for but it was AMAZING okay I've never laughed so hard/so much in one day. I swear!! Guh he is so amazing, I have no words. C: I could go on forever but honestly I am WIPED. Partially from laughing so hard, partially from drinking a Nos all day. Therefore I've crashed and burned already lmao. Awesome. I am actually slipping into a state of incoherence. So I better go to bed.

What a pointless entry. I apologize. lol.
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