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God damn its the last day of the semester already! Where does the time go?? I DO ASK YOU!!
Geography was..eh. Alright for a class in general, but can't say I'll miss it too much aside from the fact that it was a pretty easy class and I wish they were all that easy.
I will however miss my Comp 1 class. YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND AND NEVER WILL LOL. I had the most amazing professor (Lisa) and urgh her teaching method is perfection in my opinion!! I've never had that much fun in a class, ever. [= Thanks for making my first semester in college totally worth it! I'll miss all the debates, the hilarity, just..EVERYTHING?! Oh god that reminds me we didn't do any real work in class today we just sat around and bs'd the whole time. We were talking about restaurants! And..how you..should never, EVER give the people serving you food a hard time, nor should you send back the food for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER guys just..don't do it. Seriously even if you find something fucked up DON'T EVEN..do it because ..well think about it. Exactly WHERE does your food go before it gets back to you? How do you know what's going on behind those kitchen doors lol??

I know that I will never, ever return my food and say something's wrong with it EVER AGAIN even if the waiter/waitress asks if its wrong I'm just going to lie and say its fine. SOMEONE WILL BE RAGING ABOUT IT IN THAT KITCHEN. AND THEN THEY WILL UNLEASH HELL UPON YOUR FOOD. Secrets were exposed to me that I do not ever want again. Ever. See Lisa and Heather (she's a friend I made in that class lol) used to work in restaurants so they were exposing all the shit that really goes on. It makes you laugh nervously and cringe at the same time. Or if you're like me you just laugh and don't really care, but add a little mental note to never send back food or piss anyone off that works in a restaurant. lol.

if I remember what else i was going to update with, I'll ..update..with it. But for now I forgot. :D LOL
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